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House Mining intends to be an inclusive platform suitable for people from all nationalities and languages. To that end, we have House Mining representatives across the globe who help you navigate the House Mining platform.

If you don't understand English or have any other concerns about the House Mining platform, please contact a representative from your country. They will guide you through the platform in a language you're comfortable in.
There are various benefits of joining the House Mining family as a representative. Most significantly, our representatives are eligible for generous referral benefits.

As a House Mining representative, you get a 7% referral commission for every user who joins the House Mining platform through your recommendation. That means you get 2% more commission for direct referrals compared to other users.

House Mining representatives also get a direct line to the House Mining staff. You have access to 24/7 chat with our House Mining support team and you don't have to wait in a queue to address your concerns.
+7 Representatives
+52 Countries
+$ 11.5mHashPower Purchased
+3kReferred Clients
Representatives List
House Mining seeks to foster an all-inclusive platform accessible to everyone in the world. To that end, we have House Mining representatives in a wide range of countries and languages. Furthermore, we constantly work towards expanding our reach. The following is a list of all our current House Mining representatives.
Full Name
WhatsApp Numb
Mathew Feraggni
Şahnur Kulaksizoğlu
G A T O R (BitBoy)
Sinothi Ndlovu
Please note that the representatives are independent agents. They do not work for House Mining, and they have not been verified by the House Mining team. They are independent agents who have volunteered to help us reach out to users from different countries in exchange for referral benefits.

If you've had a bad experience with a representative, please contact us directly with the details of your interaction. We strive to maintain a clean list of representatives by filtering out those who provide poor assistance.