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About House Mining
House Mining is one among the leading hashpower providers within the world, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range - for newcomers, interested home miners, also as large scale investors. Our goal is to streamline and center a running efficient mining infrastructure that supports the continued growth, innovation, and function of the world's top blockchain networks.

We provide a multi-algorithm, multi-coin cloud mining service using the newest technology - with none pool fees. This makes mining Cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. No longer it is required to buy expensive equipment and waste your time on setting it up. Simply select your desired mining plan and start generating revenu.
The last word goal of our existence is to form cryptocurrency mining a simple, smart, and rewarding experience for all. Our services already attracted quite 10,000 people - We’d be happy to serve you as well!

Our support team works tirelessly to fix all problems as they arise and assist your miners. We provide cloud mining for beginners and professionals alike, using cheap yet clean UK hydropower.
House Mining
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Our Promise
to our clients
House Mining is driven by a singular goal — ensuring that your miners can continue mining with the greatest productivity. We provide a high-tech mining facility in UK, and our mining activities are powered by cheap yet clean UK hydropower.

We also have a support staff on-premise. The support team is always available to provide assistance or handle any issues that may come up, thus ensuring your miners are never interrupted. House Mining also provides an online panel through which you can keep tabs on your miners.
Uptime Guaranteed
House Mining guarantees a stable power supply generated from a cheap yet clean UK hydropower. This allows us to guarantee 99.9% uptime.
Instant Connect
The mining starts immediately after confirmed payment. First payouts within 24 hours. Choose the amount to withdraw and receive it instantly
High Quality
We have on-site specialists who provide high-quality assistance and deal with any issues that may arise. We also use high-quality mining equipment to ensure there's no downtime.