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Job in House Mining
Do you want to join the House Mining family? We are always eager to have more crypto enthusiasts and professionals join our global team.

Even though our House Mining offices are based in UK and Australia, we accept applicants from across the globe. As long as you have a computer and the necessary equipment, you can work with our House Mining team from anywhere at all.

Please go through this page for a list of all our current job openings. However, please note that we only accept applicants with relevant experience and skills. Having said that, we hope to include you into the House Mining family!
Current Job
As of now, House Mining only has one opening for a regional representative. If you qualify for that role, please reach out to us. If not, please return to this page at a later date to check for new job openings.
At House Mining, we operate as a global family of incredibly skilled, talented, and friendly professionals. We also stand as firm believers of geographical independence, which is why we foster a remote working culture.

You can work for House Mining from any part of the world. You can even work for House Mining as a digital nomad, traveling and living in different parts of the world. However, even though we work remotely, we also remain connected. Our House Mining team is incredibly friendly, eager to include new members into the group.

At House Mining, we also encourage innovation and creativity. We reward those who go above and beyond the scope of their task to drive value in innovative and unique ways. If you have a unique solution to a problem, let us know! If you want to innovate or create a new feature, we're all ears! As such, House Mining thrives on freedom and collaboration. However, we're a true meritocracy and we value skills and expertise above all else.
Freedom to Innovate
House Mining is a champion of innovation and creativity.
Clear Communication
At House Mining, we use virtual platforms to remain connected and foster open communication.