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  • Low investment starting at $500 with no added spreads, ticket charges, trancasction fees, or account maximums.
  • The House Mining team uses powerful advanced trading technologies designed to achieve best execution and maximize price improvement while minimizing market impact.
  • Interest rates are up to 11% higher than the industry.5
  • Earn minimum interest rates of 3% on a daily, with instantly available cashout.1

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Securities Exchange Commission

House Mining Investment enthusiastically operates under strict regulatory oversight to ensure compliance with fair and transparent business practices.

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Crypto held by Coinbase is kept 1:1 in institutional-grade hot and cold storage.

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House Mining enables and encourages two-factor authentication (2FA).

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Opportunities To Explore

Unlocking New Horizons: Here are some exciting business opportunities waiting to be explored. Dive into these potential ventures and chart your path to success.

Gold Mining ETFs

In times of both prosperity and uncertainty, gold has stood as a reliable hedge. The House Mining ETF manager invests in gold and silver miners’ stocks, which have prices strongly correlated with the gold price. Similar to other ETFs, we trade Gold Mining ETFs just like stocks on major exchangers. House Mining facilitates the buying and selling of these ETFs, offering investors competitive low and high commission rates through our contract plans and daily updates.
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Cryptocurrencies promise a new way of arriving at a global consensus; a math-based model that can guarantee scarcity while remaining open to anyone with an internet connection. Bitcoin, the most renowned among them, is esteemed as a store of value amidst times of uncertainty, akin to digital gold.
At House Mining Investment, we actively trade various Bitcoin ETF to diversify our portfolio, facilitating investments in crypto assets. Explore our array of contract plans today and commence building your cryptocurrency portfolio.
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Real Estate ETFs

While traditional assets like mining and stocks are traded on the public markets, investors have many different investment options open to them for their finances and alternative investment strategies such as real estate which are less sensitive to the movements of global markets. More and more investors are shifting to alternatives to help them achieve their goals.
As part of our series of instructions on Investing for Beginners, we will take a look at how to invest in real estate to build your wealth:
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Invest globally in Mining ETF, Real Estate ETF, Cryptocurrency ETF, and Options from a single unified account. Fund your account in multiple cryptocurrencies and trade our contract asset denominations. Access market data 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.








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